How much does maintaining a pool cost?

There will be two types of cost. One will be maintenance/cleaning and other will be energy cost of running the machinery for the pools. 

  • Maintenance/Cleaning Cost will be around $120-150/month. You will need to hire pool cleaners, who will work on maintaining correct chemistry of the pool, also do brushing/cleaning of floors/walls etc, and remove wastes from water. Some of this can be do it yourself as well to save cost. For areas where having a pool on property is not common, the cost will be higher.
  • Cost of Running Machinery – If the machinery is new and efficient then around $1200/month but if it is old and in efficient then the cost can be double. 

 So overall you are looking around $3500-$4000/ year in pool maintenance. 

Homeowners Insurance: With a pool, the cost of homeowners insurance goes up by around ~$10-15/month, again depending on the plan chosen. The increase is not significant. 

Another factor that will vary the cost will be – how common are home pools in the area. If they are uncommon, the finding people/companies to do the cleaning and maintenance would be difficult, and can result in higher payment.

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