2021 Interior Design Trend Predictions from Modsy

Modsy, the online interior design company that enables you to get custom design plans and shop for furniture and decor based on photos of your space, has released its 2021 interior design trend predictions.

Here’s what’s on the horizon! The predictions range from softer to more bold.

Traditional Comfort

Traditional patterns, fabrics, and covers are coming to functional, comfy styles for an elevated look that you can actually live with.

Grandmillennial Style

You know that needlepoint has been revived as a hobby, right? So it’s no surprise that “granny-chic” patterns, ruffles, wallpaper, and antiques are making their way into our homes.

Lighter-Toned Wood

Perfect for fans of Scandinavian style, lighter wood is having a moment. It can look especially lovely styled with black accents.

1980s Style Revival

1980s style living room

The 80s are back and better than ever. Think less “outdated” and more a fresh take on architectural design and strong colors, plus drama, drama, drama.

Natural Materials

Materials that come from nature bring texture to your home as well as bringing the outdoors in.

Bold Wall Colors

Expect to see vibrant walls as accents and whole-room options as people opt to express themselves with color.

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