Amanda’s Story (With Video!)

Amanda is a first-time homebuyer who decided to make the leap from renting to owning when she moved from the east coast to Seattle for her job. 

Anyone who’s rented a home knows that one drawback is the limited ability to make your home yours. How much can you really personalize the place where you live without putting holes in any walls? Or painting?

Hanging wall art and even heavy items like mirrors in rentals has gotten easier in recent years, thanks to solutions like the vast array of Command™ Products from 3M.

(We love these things for homeowners, too. Did you know they make little hooks specifically for holding up outdoor string lights? Yay, easy holiday decorating!)

Still, design ideas like bold paint are off the table for most renters. 

Being able to design her space was a big reason for Amanda to get excited about finally owning her own place … because paint is more than paint. It’s the freedom to make fun, personal decisions that were previously off limits. 

“I painted the back of my door glitter sparkle and I really love it!” Amanda says, finally able to celebrate her own shiny style. 

Wow! It’s our logo as a sequined pillow. We ADORE this.

Finding the One

Learning a new part of the country as well as searching for her first home, Amanda was grateful for Flyhomes’ same-day home tours that helped her discover the one she loves. 

“My favorite part of the whole process was going through a ton of different houses and seeing all the different things Seattle has to offer. Especially moving here from the east coast, it was really interesting to know what’s available,” she says. 

Amanda’s wishlist for her home was straightforward: minimum one bedroom and one bathroom, a walk-in closet, a dishwasher, and outdoor space. 

The condo she bought has it all, including a common outdoor space that’s perfect for parties. When her parents visited recently, they had a blast grilling at their daughter’s new home. 

From Scary to Stress-Free

Amanda’s search started when she noticed Flyhomes on Instagram.

She says, “The idea of the cash offer was really intriguing but in equal parts a little scary just because it’s something that’s a new concept. I wasn’t really sure how it would work.”

After setting up her initial meeting with her Client Advisor, she understood the process and now says that all of the information presented made it easy.

She was ready to get going … quickly. 

“The most surprising thing about the homebuying process is how fast it goes,” she says. “A lot of steps compressed into a very short time period was kind of shocking!”

Aside from getting used to the pace of Seattle’s market, Amanda had a smooth path from deciding to buy a home to learning the steps to moving in and painting that glittery door. 

“[Buying a home with Flyhomes] was not that stressful for me which is pretty incredible considering I didn’t take any time off to do any of this and did it right before the holidays,” she says. 

For Amanda, buying her first home turned out to be not much more difficult than finding another apartment to rent … and she’s loving the perks of owning her own place.

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