Apartment Therapy Asked 80 Designers to Predict What Homes Will Look Like in 2021

round sofa warm minimalism

Apartment Therapy surveyed 80 designers to find out what trends will be rooting in our homes in 2021.

Here are a few of our top takeaways. Read the article for lots more insights.

  • Boucle and vegan leather are likely to become more popular textiles as people take comfort in warm textures
  • Doing everything from home means custom cabinetry and DIY cabinets are becoming more in demand
  • 65% of respondents said rounded furniture silhouettes will curve into our rooms
  • Meditation zones will become a new focus, even shifting away from home offices, as people prioritize self-care
  • Closed floor plans may make a comeback as people recognize the need for their own spaces
  • 60% of polled designers said warm minimalism will break out, offering cozy design elements that are still tidy and uncrowded
  • Fluted furniture and decor may be everywhere as a way to add texture to a room
  • Muted tones are likely to be more popular than bright colors

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