Ben & Summer’s Story (With Video!)

For Ben and Summer, a walkable neighborhood was priority number one when it came time to look for a home. 

“We like Ballard because there are a lot of restaurants here, there are a lot of breweries … and we both like beer and food,” Summer says. 

“There are 11 breweries in Ballard!” Ben adds. “There’s even a passport that you can get to go to all the breweries and get them to stamp it, and you get a free pint glass.” 

Two software engineers, Ben at his own company and Summer at Amazon, the couple live with their dog now, but wanted to find a home with room for a baby in the future. 

Their Ballard townhome is the ideal spot to grow their family and keep their out-and-about lifestyle. Not to mention Ballard is one of the most dog-filled neighborhoods in Seattle, which Rover and Redfin deemed to be the most dog-friendly city in the country

Starting with a personal connection 

People and dogs both love Ballard!

Summer noticed a trend in the social media posts of one of her high school friends.

“I just watched her social media talking about how amazing this company is,” she says. 

That friend was a Flyhomie (a Flyhomes employee, of course!), so when Summer and Ben decided to buy their first home, Summer got in touch with Flyhomes first. 

Hearing how Flyhomes is different from traditional agencies, Ben worried at first that working with a team rather than one agent might be tricky. At Flyhomes, homebuyers are paired with a Client Advisor, who’s like their head coach at every step. They also work with experts at every step from touring homes to closing.

 “I think at first we had a concern that we might feel like we’re getting bounced around and there’s no one person we can go to that feels like they care about our entire journey from start to end,” Ben says. “But that didn’t happen!”

He estimates that their Client Advisor was their point of contact for 80% of the process, and that everyone they worked with “felt like they wanted us to get through the finish line.” 

VIP treatment

Even more than wanting our clients to get to the finish line, the whole team here at Flyhomes wants the buyers we work with to have a low-stress experience. 

“My favorite part of the process was the overall feeling that we’re VIPs,” Ben says. “It felt really like we mattered.” 

“They’re very responsive and they knew our concerns,” Summer adds. 

Summer sometimes had nervous moments … which we promise is natural with all of the big decisions that come with buying a home, especially your first one! 

She leaned on their Client Advisor whenever she was worried. “She gave me comfort and just guaranteed that I will find my dream house,”  Summer says.

Owning it

Going from renting a home to owning one involves a learning curve that can be different for everyone.

“One thing that surprised me was the amount of work that goes into owning the home after you’ve purchased it,” Ben says. “We’re used to renting where if anything goes wrong, you contact the building manager and they figure out what’s going wrong … whereas owning a home you have to either fix it or find someone who can fix it.” 

Good news, Ben! Our Crew team is here to be a single point of contact for you over the years. We’re here to help with owning a home as well as buying one.

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