Celebrating 5 Years of Flyhomes!

On September 14th, 2015, the first Flyhomes client won their home. This first client was a friend of our founders Tushar and Steve, and we’re all grateful they put their trust in the company so early on.

two men at an outdoor party in Seattle
Flyhomes Co-Founder and CEO Tushar Garg and a client at the Seattle HQ, August 2019

Five years later, we’ve helped more than 2,100 clients buy homes they love, including many more friends and family members. Our clients have toured more than 27,000 homes to find their matches.

With roots in Seattle, we extended our services to Boston, Portland, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County. 

From Steve and Tushar starting the company as two hard-working entrepreneurs, our team is now almost 200 strong. More than 10% of our employees started out as Flyhomes clients. They liked the experience so much, they joined us!

We’ve evolved our offerings from standard transactions to Guaranteed Offers, Cash Offers and Trade Up as well as virtual tours, home listing, mortgage, title and closing services. 

In all, we’ve been a trusted part of over $1.7 billion of home purchases and sales. 

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have your continued trust, support, and friendship. Thank you!

While our work is related to properties, people are what matter most. Buildings only become homes when people bring them to life.

Just a few of our 2,100+ happy homeowners!

We love to celebrate how our clients live in their homes.

Natalie and Ben started their search just as the pandemic led to stay-at-home orders and got married in their Seattle house’s garden very soon after moving in.

Megan, a Portland solo buyer, is busy working from home and impressing her colleagues on Zoom calls. They love her condo’s wood beams as much as she does.

Shane and Sierra are putting the finishing touches on their decor, inspired by their San Francisco home’s unique rounded ceiling.

Tacoma couple Kyle and Drew are spending time with their daughters and working on converting their backyard shed into a music studio for Kyle.

Vanessa, another first-time buyer in Portland, is loving her new kitchen, the perfect place to share recipes with her followers on foodbellypdx. Her boyfriend Matt is working on the plan for his next food business.

We can’t wait to meet the people who will start new adventures in new homes over the next five years.

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