Aza’s Story

Flyhomes Team,

This Saturday, Jason presented my parents with the keys to their home — their first home since they left Afghanistan 25 years ago.

I am truly grateful to each and every one of you for making this dream come true. A number of brokerage companies could have helped us buy a house. We got close a few times with a brand x brokerage. Your team excelled in every way and made sure that it was a home.

The team’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We really needed that.

On behalf of my entire family, thank you for sharing your talents and seemingly endless energy! In a few years, my girlfriend (hopefully, soon wife) and I will be in the market for a home for ourselves, and
?I am so relieved that we have already made significant progress by having found Flyhomes.

Best wishes,

When we here at Flyhomes get notes like this one from our Chicago client Aza, we remember how lucky we are that it’s our job to help people buy their dream homes. We couldn’t be happier for Aza and his family! To celebrate their recent move into their warm and welcoming home, we’re sharing their homebuying story. 

Welcome home gift at front door for home buyers
The first “welcome home” is the best one!

Defining a dream

In the 25 years since leaving Afghanistan for Chicago, Aza’s family rented the places they lived. All the while, they dreamed of owning a home in the area. When it came time to start looking, it was important to find the right one because it would be so much more than just another place to live — it would truly be a dream come true.

Getting it right was even more important to Aza because this home would be for his parents, sister, and brother to live in after he moved to San Francisco for his work as a Capital Markets Advisor.

The process of touring homes helped the family realize what was important to them. “We discovered together that it comes down to nice open spaces with lots of sunlight, windows that just get flooded with light,” Aza says.

They wanted a big yard for his niece to play in when she visits. The kitchen was also important. “We wanted a kitchen that you can spend the entire afternoon in.”

In addition, Aza’s brother will be entering high school next year, so finding a neighborhood with a great school was vital.

Flyhomes home buying clients - family at outdoor table
Aza’s family

Finding Flyhomes

Aza got in touch with us after noticing an article about how Flyhomes is approaching real estate differently. At that point, his family had been working with other agents for six months.

He says, “When I got involved with other agents, I realized there just wasn’t the kind of focus that you’d expect from someone that you’re relying so heavily on. When I met with [Flyhomes team member] Jason and we started setting up showings, that’s where the differences became very clear to me.”

Aza points out three differences that made him happy to have found Flyhomes: flexibility in touring homes whenever it was convenient, consistently feeling as if he mattered to the team, and patience. 

“It’s important to not feel pressured when you’re buying a home and I just love that that was front and center. If I ever had a doubt, Jason would say it out flat: ‘There’s no pressure. We’ll look at 5 homes or 50 homes,’” he says.

Overcoming disappointment

Just as Aza was leaving Chicago, the family thought they’d found The One, a house that met all the dreams on their list. They made an offer and it was accepted. Then, while Aza was on a road trip preparing to move, the inspection revealed a problem with the pipes and they walked away from the home. 

At this point, the family worried they wouldn’t become homeowners after all. Aza wasn’t going to be there to help anymore and it seemed as if the road had come to an end.

Instead of giving up, the family came together, remembering that they could tour as many homes as it took. Aza’s sister took over as the point person and, as it turns out, they didn’t need to see many more homes. 

Within days an even better home became available — and became The Real One. “It was amazing! Better neighborhood, a bigger home, more recently renovated, and all the pipes were brand new. What at first seemed like a big disappointment … you might even say it was meant to be,” Aza said.

Aza realized that even a disappointment can help you refine what your priorities are. “Going through that first deal that fell through was educational because we learned abut one more thing that we cared about that we had been assuming was something that we’d get in every house,” he said. “I think the reason why we were able to so quickly find a better alternative was everyone was on the same page after that.”

Welcome home

Welcome home gift and cake for the home buyers
The tasty way Aza’s family celebrated moving day

The family moved into their home in October.

“It’s a dream come true. This is the first time my family is able to call a place truly their own,” Aza told us.

What about Aza, living in San Francisco? He says, “I’m excited for next time, when it’s my turn. Whether it’s in San Francisco or Chicago, I know there’s a great team work with at Flyhomes.”

We’ll be here, Aza.

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