Easy, Boo-tiful DIY Halloween Decorations

Is your home feeling not quite as haunted as you’d like this Halloween? We gathered our favorite simple, spooky DIY decorations that use easy-to-find items and only take a few minutes to complete, but still look horror-ible as part of a table centerpiece or on display wherever you choose.

Bleeding candle

  1. Gather supplies: White pillar candle, red taper candle, dish, lighter
  2. Place the white candle on the dish
  3. Light the red candle
  4. Allow the red wax to drip on the white candle and harden
  5. Display the finished product and light the white candle!

Glowing mummy

  1. Gather supplies: jar, roll of gauze, googly eyes or white and black paper, LED tea light, glue stick
  2. Wrap gauze around the jar, starting at the top and leaving space for the eyes
  3. Use glue stick to attach googly eyes (or cut out paper eyes and glue them on)
  4. Turn on tea light and place it in the jar!

Yarn ghost

  1. Gather supplies: thin-gauge yarn in several colors, ribbon (optional), scissors
  2. Loop yarn in a circle and cut from ball
  3. Cut a separate thread and tie it around the loop (this will be the hanger)
  4. Cut the ends off the loop
  5. Tie another color yarn as eyes and trim the ends
  6. If desired, tie ribbon around the “neck”
  7. Boo!

Need a new home to haunt?