Ever wanted to live inside IKEA? Their tiny home is like that.

a tiny home in a field at sunset

Photo by Josiah and Steph Photography

If you’re like us, you love daydreaming as you wander around IKEA, popping into all the cozy spaces (not thinking yet about the work to put all that furniture together!). But did you know IKEA is dedicated to being more sustainable every day?

IKEA sustainability efforts include meatless meatballs, solar home products, and a goal of only using recycled or renewable based plastic in their products by 2030.

One big thing they did to inspire sustainable living is actually kind of little: they made a tiny house.

“Inspired by our shared commitments to sustainability, inclusivity and innovation, Vox Creative and IKEA® have teamed up to reimagine home design. The challenge? To create a space that’s stylish, sustainable, and affordable — oh, and fit all that in about 187-square-feet, just to prove that anyone, anywhere can live a more sustainable life.”

IKEA Tiny Home Project

Built by tiny home company ESCAPE, a customized version of the ESCAPE Boho XL Wide, which is for sale starting at $47,500, is the final product. This tiny home is built on a trailer and arrives to you assembled (unlike your new IKEA greenhouse cabinet).

“How I started was really listing out all the needs for the space, like how do you design around a wheel well and the mechanics of the home” says Abbey Stark, Senior Interior Design Leader at IKEA. “So I wanted to source renewable, reusable, and recycled materials when possible to make the space functional as well as beautiful.”

Check out details about what it took to build and the intentions behind the team’s design choices on the IKEA Tiny Home Project page. Be sure to do the virtual tour to check out featured products in the home. We’ve seen media saying the IKEA model is for sale, but best we can tell, it serves as inspiration … as we understand it, you can buy the Boho model and make it your own using the IKEA-recommended products and design.

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