Hello, Boston! Portland! And SoCal!

Big news: Flyhomes is now in Boston, Portland (OR), Los Angeles, and Orange County. 

Back in August, we announced new funding and a mission to empower homebuyers across the U.S. to make a cash offer on their dream home. Today, we’re excited to share the next cities where we’re ready to help people buy homes with less stress. 

We’ve helped more than 1,000 clients close on more than $1 billion in homes out of our Seattle headquarters and around the Bay Area, and we can’t wait to bring our game-changing products—including Cash Offer and Trade Up—to more people. 

Why are we starting our expansion with these cities? Our products are designed to help homebuyers in any market, and we’re starting where we believe we can make a big impact. 

You may have read recent reports that the housing market is softening and housing prices are dropping, but those reports are based on national averages. We’re focused on specific areas. This laser focus is the reason we win homes for clients 68% more than traditional brokerages*. 

With some of the nation’s top schools and a fast-growing tech hub, Boston is one of the most popular U.S. cities to call home. According to an October report by Redfin, Boston edged out the rest of the nation as the number one place to move to in the third quarter of 2019. The number of Bostonians is growing and so is local housing competition … which is our specialty. 

Portland is thriving with strong communities, a world-class food scene, and a bike-friendly culture. The average home in the U.S. stays on the market for 42 days before it’s sold. In Portland, homes are being snatched up in just seven days. People need programs that can keep up! 

Los Angeles & Orange County
Homebuyers in search of an endless summer find access to beaches, mountains, and deserts in SoCal. There’s also a growing tech sector as former Silicon Valley residents make the move to “Silicon Beach.” The housing prices reflect the demand with median prices 141% higher than the national average at $755,000. A higher-priced market is the perfect place to make a Cash Offer

We can’t wait to start leveling the playing field in these areas. And they’re just the beginning. If we’re not in your area yet and you wish we were, drop us a note! Your city could be next. 

*Average for homes with 4 total competing offers on which our clients made a Cash Offer during the period of 1/1/19 through 6/30/19. The average number of offers in a multi-offer situation during that timeframe was 3.42.