Housing market report for February 2022: Portland

Portland 'White Stag' sign with Old Town water tower

February 2022 highlights

An early spike in the average sale-to-list-price ratio means Portland is likely entering a period of tougher competition closer to the beginning of the year than in previous years. Many of the other measurements of a competitive market rose in February, too, including list price, sale price, and the number of homes sold. Portland is in for a more expensive and more competitive springtime than in the previous year.

  • Sale-to-list-price ratio spiked in both Portland and Beaverton Compared to February 2021, the sale-to-list-price ratio in both Beaverton and Portland experienced an uncharacteristically large increase for this time of year. Homes in both areas sold for an average of 103% of their list price, a ratio that surpasses the previous month of this year and the same month last year by at least 1%.
  • Competition for condos in Portland continues to increase At the close of 2021, it took condos an average of nearly a month to sell but, by February, buyers were offering at the list price and closing on condos in an average of 10 days in Portland.
  • The gap in home prices in Portland and Beaverton increased At over $566,000, Beaverton homes sold for an average of $11,000 more than their counterparts in Portland. That gap increased by $8,000 from the previous month when homes in Portland and Beaverton were selling for nearly the same amount.
  • Condo prices in Portland dipped slightly Condominium prices in Portland hit a peak in January but seem to be leveling off in February at $371,000, which still represents a higher price than any month in the final quarter of 2021.

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Portland data includes the city of Portland.

Hillsboro & Beaverton data includes the cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton.

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