Housing market report for March 2022: Portland

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March 2022 highlights

Competition in the Portland area picked up in March. Most homes received more than 2 offers, with the average house receiving 6 offers. List prices rose 5% over last month’s median list price while homes continued to sell as much as 11% above list price. Sale prices were up, too, at $580,000 on average—the highest of the year so far.

  • Listed and sold homes both reached a yearly high Over 1,200 homes were listed in Portland in March with nearly 1,100 homes sold in the same time period.
  • Homes sold in less than a week in both Portland and Beaverton The average amount of time it took for a home to sell in Portland was 5 days. In Beaverton, that average was as low as 4 days.
  • Condo values in both Beaverton and Portland were stable In Beaverton, the sale price of condos were 104% of their list prices at an average of $350,000—the same as last month. In Portland, condo values climbed by 5% to $385,000.
  • Homes received more offers on average than last month Last month, the average home in Portland received 5 offers. In March, the average house received 6.3 offers and sold in under a week.

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Competition report

Our research team analyzed the competition in select local areas.

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Portland data includes the city of Portland.

Hillsboro & Beaverton data includes the cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton.

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