How furniture rental can help you save money and sanity when you move into a new home

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At Flyhomes, we spend a lot of time talking about how to reduce the stress of buying a home, including stress that can hit you right after you buy a home.

So we want to mention something that may surprise you: furniture can be stressful!

Furniture can be an unexpected stressor to new homeowners for a few reasons that can have you wondering if you’re going to need to spend a lot of money to furnish the new home you just spent a lot of money to buy.

  • Your furniture might be too big or too small for your new space.
  • You might not have enough furniture to fill your new space.
  • Your new furniture might just not look great in your new space.

There’s a big reason other than money why you might want to put off committing to new furniture right after buying a home: decision fatigue. When you buy a home, you’re tired of making decisions … so choosing new furniture might become a chore rather than a process you enjoy. It might even be overwhelming.

One way to avoid this stress is to rent furniture for your new home. Furniture rental makes a ton of sense for people who are renting homes, given that their living situations are temporary, and it can be great for homeowners as a way to save money and sanity when moving into a permanent home.

Renting is also a great way to figure out what furniture will work long term for your space … Is a sectional what you really want? Or maybe a sofa with a separate chair? Does a round or rectangular dining table make more sense for your kitchen?

We talked to Taylor Hill at Fernish to learn more about the ins and outs of furniture rental.

How does furniture rental work? 

Taylor: It’s really simple, actually! We exist to make creating a beautiful home effortless, and that’s truly what our service does. When you come to our site, you can choose from all different types of sofas, sectionals, bedframes, dining tables, chairs, rugs, decor, you name it. From there you simply choose how long you want to keep the items for. It can be anywhere from 2-12 months initially, and then you have the option to continue renting, swap pieces out, add items on, or even buy out what you love later on. And the great thing is there’s no huge upfront cost – you’ll have small monthly payments from the beginning. We even deliver, assemble, and arrange all of your furniture in your home within 7 days, for free!

How long do I have to commit? 

Taylor: It’s truly up to you! Our model is commitment-free. Initially you have the option to select any time frame from 2-12 months, and you can make decisions from there. At the end of your initial subscription period there are lots of things you can do for free. Add items on or return some, swap things out, continue renting month to month or for a longer period of time, or even buy items out. The buy out cost will equal the retail price, minus any monthly payments you’ve already made toward that item. We’re also happy to move your furniture to your new place for you at your renewal point, as long as it’s within our service area. Many of our customers choose 12-month terms that align with their leases, so when they move we move with them!

What if I want to swap out a piece or two? 

Taylor: You can! Swaps are free within three days of your initial delivery, meaning there’s really no risk to trying something. If it doesn’t fit, or you just don’t love it, we’re happy to swap it for something else, free of charge. Swaps are also free at the time of your renewal, which is a great perk many of our customers take advantage of. Tastes change, lifestyles evolve, and we believe your furniture should evolve with it.

How do the costs compare to buying furniture? 

Taylor: It’s really affordable, and upfront costs are significantly lower than what you’d experience with traditional furniture ownership. It can cost around $5,000 to furnish a one bedroom apartment, maybe even more. But with Fernish, you can make smaller monthly payments rather than having to fork a lot of money out up front. Our minimum is $99/month.

What if I decide I love the piece I rent? 

Taylor: Keep it! With Fernish you have rent-to-own flexibility. You can continue renting for as long as you’d like, and also decide when you’d like to buy an item out permanently. All monthly payments count toward the purchase price. So, the buy out cost will be the retail price, minus any monthly payments you’ve already made toward that item. 

Check out Fernish to learn more. Fernish is currently available in the greater Los Angeles area, Southern and Coastal Ventura county, and Orange County, CA, area and the greater Seattle, WA, area.

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