How the #@¢%?! do I buy a house?!

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By Anita Newhouse

So you’ve decided to buy a house. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first important step towards one of life’s biggest decisions. Exciting! But probably a little scary, too.

When it comes to buying a first home, most people start by Googling something along the lines of, “How do I buy a house?” Trust me when I tell you, DO NOT DO THIS. Googling how to buy a house can be about as useful as asking the internet to diagnose your runny nose. With millions and millions of returned results, there are far too many options for someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for (someone like you), and some of those resources could take you down a very, very dark path. (Case in point: Earlier this year an hour on Google caused me to spend the better part of a month convinced a tiny worm was living in my brain when really I was just experiencing minor seasonal allergies. Google isn’t always your friend.)


Thousands of books and blogs scream, “Home-buying made easy!” “Everything you need to know about buying a house!” “Get your dream home in 5 easy steps!” “CLICK HERE, WE MAKE HOME BUYING EASIER THAN EVERYONE ELSE CLICK HERE OMG PLEASE JUST CLICK!”

Where do you start? Who can you trust? A website you find says one thing, but your sister’s boyfriend’s mom who was a real estate agent in 1972 says another—who is right?! The good news is, you don’t have to know! Not yet, anyway. The vital piece of advice many forget to mention to first-time homebuyers is that it is OK to have questions. Lots and lots of questions!

“How much money do I need for a downpayment?”

“Is my budget just, like, how much money I think I’ll make in the next 30 years?”

“Is the list price the actual price?”

“What even is an interest rate?”

“What’s the difference between a fixed-rate mortgage, a balloon mortgage, and an adjustable-rate mortgage, and which one do I want?”

“What do I even really want in a home?”

“Who can explain this whole process to me?”

“When do I find an agent?”

“What should I pay attention to in listings aside from the price?”

“How much competition is out there right now?”

“Is it a buyer’s market?”

“What exactly is a buyer’s market?”

“What are sellers really wanting from me?”

“I found an awesome home, but it’s out of my budget. What are my options?”

“I found an affordable home, but it needs a lot of work. What now?”

It can be overwhelming and few things make a smart person feel dumb more than not knowing any of the answers to the flurry of questions constantly floating through their brain. But you’re not a dumb person! You’re confused because buying a home can often be confusing. 

That’s where Flyhomes comes in. Flyhomes aims to simplify the homebuying process by making it approachable, educational, heck, even empowering. And definitely less stressful.

I’m Anita Newhouse and this is your series of how-to-buy-a-house articles that starts from a common point: wanting to buy and not knowing exactly what’s ahead, but understanding that it’s OK because it’s all figure-out-able. 

So sincerely, congratulations on being ready to buy your first home. Now let’s learn everything there is to know together.

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