How to Buy a Home in Boston

Historical homes in Boston's north end

We’re here to help you get a home you love in Boston. We’ll be with you every step of the way from narrowing down exactly what you want to the day you move in. Get off to a running start with these tips from our Boston team of Client Advisors. 

Create a wishlist.

We’ve got tips for how to get started making a thorough list. At this stage, it’s okay to think big. We’ll chat about your must-haves together and help you adjust as you see more and more homes. In Boston, think about whether you’d be willing to give up your car if you find a place convenient to public transit. If not, think about what type of parking you need (is a street spot okay?). If you’re looking for a suburban home, think about the best yard size for your lifestyle. 

Find out your exact budget.

Being pre-underwritten gives you absolute certainty about how much you can spend. You’ll gather financial documents like W-2s, pay stubs and bank statements, which will go to a pre-underwriter for a guarantee on the loan amount you qualify for. This process takes place with a mortgage lender, and we can help you get connected. In Boston, some listing agents require a pre-approval letter before you can tour a home; pre-underwriting is even better. 

Consider renovations.

It’s no surprise that the Boston area is full of historic homes. You’ll likely tour some that have already been renovated and others that still feature wallpaper from the early 1900s. Think about your interest in renovating so you know where to focus. Would you be excited to make a space your own? (Flyhomes Boston Client Advisor Amanda was – take a peek at her amazing renovation!) Or would you rather have a space that’s already updated? How much do you care about aesthetics if all the bones are good?

Check out a property tax map.

In the Boston area, property tax rates vary  town by town and may therefore have an impact on the neighborhoods where you want to focus your search. This interactive map from Patch will help you get a feel for the rates. 

Expect to work with a lawyer.

In Massachusetts, homebuyers and sellers are both required to consult with an attorney to review legal documents and contracts. Your Flyhomes team can recommend one for you.

Let’s get started!