How to buy a home in San Diego

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Make your wishlist

Open concept? Great schools? An extra room for working from home? When you’re just starting to look for homes, it’s good to think big. Flyhomes has some great tips for how to build a thorough wishlist. Then, we’ll help you adjust and narrow down your choices as you see homes and work with our advisors. San Diego has a lot of great houses, but the market is competitive so cast a wide net and we’ll help find the right house for your needs and budget. 

Get a head start

Sellers want to know your offer is a sure thing so you’ll stand out in the market if your finances are settled early in the process. Flyhomes will work with you to set a budget after helping you get pre-underwritten so your bid is solid. Knowing where you stand is key. Having someone like Flyhomes stand behind you? Even better. 

Think fast

Blink and you’ll miss it. The San Diego real estate market is growing so fast, most homes sell above asking price within a few weeks. Only Seattle and Phoenix outpaced annual home prices last year in “America’s Finest City.” Flyhomes expert advisors can help you win your bid and keep you within your budget at the same time. 

Set a strategy

Remember that a seller is trying to get as high a price as possible when they sell their house. Houses in San Diego tend to sell at or above fair market price so, depending on the neighborhood, the list price might be lower than what you will actually spend. But don’t worry! Flyhomes client advisor teams are armed with the best and most up-do-date market information so you can build a buying strategy that works with your budget and still wins your bid in a tough market. Sometimes, offering stronger terms actually wins over a higher price. 

Think outside the beach

If you want to buy a house quickly on a moderate budget, don’t forget that the sun 

shines east of I-5 too. The median price for a house along the water in San Diego is over two million dollars so if you have other things on your shopping list besides a house, we suggest looking into some inland areas too. It pays to remember San Diego is more than just the beach. 

Boldly go

If you know what you want, there are plenty of ways to skip ahead without cutting corners. If you’re in the area, consider driving by your favorite houses if you know they have the amenities on your list to get a feel for the neighborhood even before taking the time to tour the home. Not in the area? Consider an online tour. Then, Flyhomes will help you move with confidence with our pre-offer inspections, client advisors and research team so you can gather the details.

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