IKEA is launching Buy Back & Resell in the US

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The program is a limited pilot right now, but IKEA wants to make it permanent across its US stores

By Liz Gallagher

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Get excited if you’re either one of these people: The person who loves IKEA furniture but hates putting it together, or the person who’s done with their IKEA furniture and doesn’t want to just give it away.

IKEA is piloting Buy Back & Resell, a service that will let IKEA Family members sell back gently used IKEA furniture for store credit. The furniture will go to the popular AS-IS section for other shoppers to buy, still assembled.

What fantastic news for people moving into new places who want to save a little extra time (take the allen wrench out of home setup!) and money.

This news is also great for people on the hunt for popular IKEA items. The houseplant enthusiasts who love to make greenhouses out of IKEA cabinets know that those cabinets are very difficult to find in stock. Unfortunately, those particular cabinets don’t seem to be included in the program (at least not yet), but plenty of iconic IKEA styles are, including the IKEA-hacker-favorite BILLY bookcase.

Where is Buy Back & Resell available?

IKEA is piloting the program at their Conshohocken, PA, store from August 30 through September 19, 2021, with plans to roll it out to select markets across the US and ultimately to make it a permanent service at all IKEA stores in the US.

As of fall 2020, the program became available in 27 countries including Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia.

Why is IKEA doing this?

IKEA is working toward becoming a circular business by 2030.

“At IKEA, we are passionate about making sustainable living easy and affordable for the many, and want to be part of a future that’s better for both people and the planet,” says Jennifer Keesson, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA US. “We hope the Buy Back & Resell service inspires our customers to live a more sustainable life at home while giving their used furniture another life and a second home.”

How do you participate?

IKEA.com/buyback is where you get started. The site will take you through a form where you find your piece of furniture and select its condition. Then you select your store (currently only Conshohocken) and date of your visit, login to your IKEA Family account, and get a quote.

What can you sell back?

IKEA will take fully assembled, fully functional furniture. No recalled products will be accepted, and some categories are excluded.

Exclusions include hacked products, chests of drawers, upholstered and leather products, sofas, armchairs, and beds.

That sounds like a long list of exclusions (and there are more on the form at IKEA.com/buyback), but here’s just some of what’s possible to sell back in select styles: bedside tables, desks, hat and coat stands, wall cabinets, benches, console tables, kitchen tables, chairs, bar stools, and bookcases.

What will you get for your used furniture?

You’ll get store credit after your furniture is reviewed based on its condition, age, and functionality. According to the form at IKEA.com/buyback, the skinny, tall BILLY bookcase (40x28x202 cm) will get in the range of $29.99 for an as-new/non-scratched product, $20.99 for very good/minor scratches, and $11.99 for well used/several scratches.

A New York Times article published when the program launched globally says the top tier could pay out 50% of the original price.

What kind of prices will resold items sell for?

Exact prices on Buy Back items remain to be seen, but IKEA says they’ll be an affordable option for shoppers. Products will be found in the AS-IS section and will likely have similar prices to current AS-IS stock, depending on their condition.

About the author: Liz Gallagher is the Editorial Director at Flyhomes, publishing articles to give people the education and insights they need to be confident decision makers as homebuyers, sellers, and owners. She’s a big fan of IKEA and not only for the meatballs.

Cover image photo by Katja Bayer on Unsplash featuring IKEA Stockholm nesting tables

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