IKEA Life at Home Report 2021

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Does your home space work for your head space? That’s the question posed by IKEA.

By Liz Gallagher

Do you ever wonder how people are feeling about their home lives these days? Check out the IKEA Life at Home Report 2021.

The report begins by reflecting on the intertwining of our feelings about our home and our mental health.

“After a challenging 12 months, in which 27% of people say their mental health has suffered, our homes and our mental wellbeing have become more intimately connected than ever.”

-IKEA Life at Home Report 2021

Next, the report delves into questions related to future homes, rituals, relationships, community, and space. Insights from across the categories include the following findings, which are driven by input from 34,000+ people around the world.

  • Families have bonded over shared experiences during the pandemic. Spending more time at home led 42% of respondents to say their relationships with direct family have grown stronger in the past year.
  • Nurturing helps us feel balanced at home, and applies beyond caring for people. Taking care of plants, animals, and possessions have a positive impact.
  • Local networks have been supportive during the pandemic, and 73% of respondents have spent more time in their neighborhood over the past year.
  • How we use our space has changed over the past year, with 60% of people reporting they’ve updated how their home is organized. 28% of people say spaciousness has grown in importance and 36% say having a garden or balcony has become more significant.
  • The role of our homes has expanded to become a place for work as well as relaxation. 55% of people say sleeping is the most important factor in their sense of wellbeing at home.
  • We now know our needs at home can change and 84% of people are focused on having control over the space they live in, and where they live.

IKEA concludes that having a home you love is more important than ever. An overwhelming 93% of the people surveyed report thinking it’s important that their home provides them with a sense of comfort. And 40% of people who felt more positive toward their home also saw a positive impact on their mental health.

About the author: Liz Gallagher is the Editorial Director at Flyhomes, publishing articles to give people the education and insights they need to be confident decision makers as homebuyers, sellers, and owners. She’s a big fan of IKEA and not only for the meatballs.

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