Insider: Flyhomes is one of the best startups to work for

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Why the global news publication is telling people to bet their careers on Flyhomes

Every year, Insider lists the top startups to work for. To make the list, a company needs to meet stringent criteria. Every company that Insider mentions has a great work environment, is funded by marquee investors, builds innovative tech, and gets industry attention. We’re proud to be on the list with some amazing companies. But here’s a deep dive into why Insider picked us as one of the top 55 companies to work for. 

People all over the world are rethinking how they work, why they work, and where they work. In the wake of a global pandemic, social upheaval, and political division, companies are scrambling to find passionate, skilled workers who want more from their 9-5 jobs. It’s a great resignation. But there are a few companies that are meeting the moment by offering something new. 

Flyhomes has been able to build its team while other companies struggle to keep the talent they have. And now that we’re going into a phase of growth with groundbreaking new services, it’s no wonder that Insider calls us one of the best startups to work for.

Here’s why: 

Flyhomes has a great work environment

Flyhomes is currently fully remote, and depending on where you are in the world you can work in any seven of our major markets, plus India. We’ve been operating in the Bay Area, Southern California, Portland, and Seattle for a while. But we expanded into Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Denver this year, with more cities on the horizon. If you’re working on the East Coast, our Boston market has always been thriving. 

Our field teams are some of the most productive and supported in the industry. Traditional real estate agents often work odd, and long hours. But because our field experts share responsibilities, our agents work a more manageable schedule without leaving clients behind. 

We’re supported by marquee investors and partners

Since our first transactions five years ago, we’ve bought and sold more than $2 billion in residential real estate, helping people buy and sell homes in competitive markets. These groundbreaking services speak for themselves and attracted some of the most enthusiastic investors and partners within and outside of the real estate industry. 

We raised $150 million in our third round of fundraising in 2021 from major, national investors. Our partners were Norwest Venture Partners and Battery Ventures. Additional support came from  Balyasny Asset Management, Fifth Wall, Trustbridge Partners, Camber Creek, Zillow co-founder Spencer Rascoff and existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and Canvas Ventures

Lisa Wu and Roger Lee from Norwest Venture Partners and Battery Ventures joined our board of directors and we recently welcomed Kayti Sullivan as our Chief Revenue Officer.

We harness innovative tech

Between traditional real estate brokerages and iBuyers, homebuyers were left without many options in competitive markets. Expensive, fast, and confusing transactions squeezed out otherwise qualified homebuyers. Then, Flyhomes entered the space to redefine how people buy and sell homes. 

We blend the convenience of online home searching, the power of guaranteed financing, and the personal touch of working with a dedicated real estate agent into one platform. Our clients search homes through the app, book tours with a single click, then meet with their dedicated agent, a tour specialist, and a mortgage loan officer to prepare an underwritten loan in record time. 

Now, buyers who would have missed an opportunity to make an offer on a home use Flyhomes to make a winning bid—and actually close on their home faster than ever. 

People are excited about us

We’ve been able to help so many people buy and sell homes, it’s no wonder that our services get a lot of attention. You can find stories of our successes in the Wall Street Journal, Geekwire, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, the Seattle Times, and more. And now, we earned a shoutout from Insider as one of the top startups to work for. Plus, check out their coverage of our new approach to cash offers that won’t cost you a dime extra!

Wrapping it up

There are a lot of good reasons to rethink how you work and who you work for these days. You want to contribute to a place that’s doing something new, necessary, and important. On top of that, you should demand that your job be a supportive place that invests in you as much as you invest in it. Flyhomes is that place. But don’t just ask us. Read the Insider article about it here.

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