Loving My Backyard

By Liz Gallagher, Flyhomes Marketing Manager

These days, loving where you live is more important than ever. That’s the inspiration behind this series of stories highlighting what Flyhomies enjoy about their homes. By sharing, we hope to help other people take a moment to appreciate their own homes, too.

My dog is making friends

Social distancing is nothing new for my Lhasa Apso, Dexy. He likes to rule over his kingdom and keep out “intruders” (anyone who isn’t me!) … but he’s making friends with the dogs and humans on the other side of our fence!

It’s flowering

Until moving into this house, I spent 17 years in apartments and a condo here in Seattle. In all that time, I didn’t try to grow anything. Now, I’m testing my green thumb. I love color, so I chose the brightest flowering plants I could find. They make me smile!

I’m learning to grill

Cooking is not my thing. At all. It’s fair to say Trader Joe’s cooks more of my meals than I do! But I grew up with a dad who instilled in me a love for charcoal grills and thanks to this Kamado Joe left by the previous owner of my house, I’m finally learning how to make burgers that remind me of my dad’s.


I’m very lucky that the previous owner of my house created this outdoor fireplace. It makes me feel like I live at a ski lodge! The best part of this first summer living with it has been enjoying s’mores with my best friend and my mom, who are my “quaranteam.”

I have a pool! (Sort of!)

Seattle summers aren’t the hottest summers, but they can still make you want to go for a dip. I invested in this Minnidip inflatable pool to be able to do that. It may be a little silly, but it makes me feel like a kid again, and that’s a feeling I welcome!

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