Meet Your Client Advisor: Matt Perrone, Seattle

Flyhomes Seattle real estate agent Matt Perrone

What’s the first thing a new client should know about you?

Born and raised in New York, I’m very open and honest with everyone, including my clients because I hate wasting time for anyone. I want my clients to have a way better experience buying a home than my wife and I did on our first purchase.

What are your top 3 pro tips?

(1) Be ready before you begin because losing if you aren’t ready is the worst feeling

(2) Be active in your listening and communication even if it’s a simple no

(3) Get your lending in order before you start looking for homes. You’d be surprised at how many people fail to get a loan on a home after they win without getting pre-underwritten.

When did you first get your real estate license? What inspired you to get it?

Right at the start of the outbreak, March 2020. Two friends of mine who work for Flyhomes inspired me based on my personality and work ethic saying I would do great here, and I guess they were right.

Do you focus on a special area (such as new builds or investment properties)?

Most clients looking for land get sent to me since I have some experience in it, but outside of that, I’d say my clients are a mix of new construction, investors, remodels and more.

What neighborhoods are you an expert in?

The northern (Ballard over to Lake City) and southern (Leschi to Rainier Valley) neighborhoods of Seattle are my go-tos, although the Eastside areas have been on my list quite often as well.

Where do you live? Why did you choose to live there?

My wife and I own a condo in Northgate currently, a few blocks from the new light rail stop. We chose it because it’s a mix of city and suburb, close to transportation, access to the highway with a bunch of little shops and restaurants nearby.

Have you worked in fields other than real estate?

I come from a supply chain and training background, worked at many large and small companies over the years and have put all my learnings into helping out my clients in real estate today.

What are you passionate about aside from real estate?

Food and travel. I love to cook and eat, so they go hand in hand. Exploring a new part of the world and trying out their food is always an amazing experience. Seeing new cultures and people can open up so many things in your life too.

What do you love about working at Flyhomes?

The team, they really make everything worth it and it’s like a family here. It’s very easy to get along with everyone as we all have the same common goals and ideas, which is always people not properties.

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