Meet Flyhomie Akaash!

What do you do at Flyhomes? I’m a Brokerage Product Manager and Chief of Staff to Sam, our fearless leader for the Brokerage org. Titles aside, I try to stir up the pot every now and then, help push our product boundaries, and distract everyone from their work on Fridays! 

What did you do before joining Flyhomes? Prior to Flyhomes, I was at Microsoft for 3 years in various roles — Product Marketing, Research, Data Science. But it’s in that role that I stumbled upon a company, Flyhomes, when I was amidst buying my own first home. Had an AWESOME experience and, well… so much so that I knew where I wanted to work next! 

What’s something unexpected that you’ve learned on the job? The most important thing you can do for yourself and those you work with is to be relentlessly deliberate with your time. I continue to learn the importance of (and exercise) blocking time weekly for deep work, writing, and thinking. Equally, I see how much more people are appreciative when you lay out a clear purpose behind meetings and when you take a bit of their time, ensuring it’s spent deliberately and efficiently. We owe it to ourselves and our teammates to respect the one most valuable resource we have — the white space in our calendars! 

What’s your #1 tip for homebuyers? Don’t be intimidated by the process! What seems complicated now will become something you’re proud to have navigated on the other side. Nothing (and I mean nothing!) beats the proud feeling of owning your first home! 

How do you like to spend time when you’re not working? Reading, biking, hosting friends at our for free-flowing, uninhibited conversation over great whiskey or wine!

What’s something about you that surprises people? I’m terrified of friction… not in the metaphorical sense. The literal friction in the physical world. The feeling of running your feet across bed sheets too fast, chalk on a chalkboard, etc…. it irks me to my core. It’s totally bizarre and I can’t explain it… but it’s true.

Pets, plants, or both? What makes you happy at home? Both – extra life in any form makes a comfortable home that much more welcoming. Especially in times like these where we find ourselves spending more time in our homes than ever!

What neighborhood do you live in? Where else have you lived? I currently live in Greenwood up in North Seattle. As a 20-year Seattle veteran, though, I’ve lived all over the place! Grew up in Sammamish, worked in Redmond, lived in Eastlake and Capitol Hill… and would love to live in Leschi one day! 

What’s your favorite place in Greenwood? Spill a best-kept neighborhood secret spot (where do the locals go?) Even if this lets slip one of my best kept Seattle secrets, a time like this warrants all the small-business support we can muster! I cannot recommend Gorgeous George’s in Greenwood enough — an amazing spot for a quality date night or small group outing. Rula and George (the owners) run this place with all of the charm a nice “at-home” family dinner without any compromise on the food front. Pay this place a visit and you won’t regret! 

What do you love most about your home?​ Nothing beats having a place to call your own. I love the small yard my house has to experiment with urban gardening, the proximity to all kinds of interesting (and not yet overrun) restaurants and bars, and the neighborhood feel this Greenwood location provides while still being within Seattle city limits. I love it! 

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