Say Hey to Flyhomie David

What do you do at Flyhomes? I’m a Client Advisor.  I interface with all of the internal teams at Flyhomes to gather info for buyers and craft an offer strategy that puts us in the best position to win!

What did you do before joining Flyhomes? I worked for Visit Seattle and fostered relationships with hospitality business from independent restaurants to Expedia and Airbnb to create marketing campaigns encouraging visitors to pick Seattle as a destination.  

What’s something unexpected that you’ve learned on the job? Every real estate transaction is different and I never could have expected how much fun it is to help clients get exactly what they want in an offer.

What’s your #1 tip for homebuyers? Don’t worry so much about the “right time to buy” based on market trends.  As long as you’re financially prepared to own, the right time to buy is when you find a home you love. 

How do you like to spend time when you’re not working? Hiking with my amazing wife, Laura & adorkable poodle, Loki.  Traveling to new destinations, golfing, blasting metal music, reading, podcasting … all kinds of nerdiness.

What’s something about you that surprises people? I’m from Southern California and endorse 0 teams from LA, cuz they are all garbage. 

Pets, plants, or both? What makes you happy at home? I love chillin’ at home with good jams and podcasts for the most part.  Loki is a mega-snuggler, so that is always something to look forward to!  Comedy tends to be the genre of choice when the TV is on (Chapelle, South Park, The Simpsons, Jo Koy…all solid…lemme know if there are recommendations out there for new stuff based on this list of legends.)

What neighborhood do you live in? Where else have you lived?

  • I just bought a home in Greenlake!!
  • In March of 2020 I sold a home in Tacoma (Thank you, Emma Lazo and Sharon Yam!!)
  • Before buying my Tacoma home…with Flyhomes of course (Thank you, Abhimanyu!!!)…I lived in Lower Queen Anne right across from the Myrtle Edwards Park.  
  • Before moving to Seattle I lived in Santa Barbara, both on campus at UCSB and then in Goleta, CA just north of SB for about 5 yrs.

What’s your favorite place in Greenlake? Spill a best-kept neighborhood secret spot (where do the locals go?) Retreat is my fave place for coffee & scones in the city and it’s a quick walk from my location in Greenlake!

What do you love most about your home? Being so close to friends and a beautiful park, as well as downtown Seattle.

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