Say Hi to Flyhomie Bryan!

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What do you do at Flyhomes? I am a Seattle area Tour Specialist and I also have my home inspection license. 

What did you do before joining Flyhomes? I worked for Safeway for 30 years as a Store Director among other roles as well. 

What’s something unexpected that you’ve learned on the job? That people can really cram a lot of stuff in their garage when they try to unclutter their house for tours! It’s a completely different world from running a grocery store but I love it! Great customer service is universal though and we have a great team at Flyhomes! 

Bryan had a whole other career before becoming a Flyhomes tour specialist and a licensed home inspector ... can you guess what it was?
Being tall isn’t always easy!

What’s your #1 tip for homebuyers? Don’t be in a rush and tour as many homes as it takes to find the right one for you. The more homes you see the better idea you get for what you really want. There is no perfect home but you can really narrow it down based on your top priorities. It’s a huge investment and you should be happy with the place you spend the majority of your time! 

How do you like to spend time when you’re not working? Well, before Covid I liked to travel to other countries. Usually somewhere warm so I could get some sun and Vitamin D! Now I really enjoy spending time with my great group of friends. We always have some sort of fun event going on. 

What’s something about you that surprises people? I spent 8 years in the Army Reserve as a Sergeant in a Combat Engineer unit. I learned a lot about explosives and got to blow up things! 

Pets, plants, or both? What makes you happy at home? Both, but the plants have to be somewhat draught resistant. If I have to water them more than once a week then they will die. I also have two 18 year old cats that show no signs of slowing down. I think they might outlive me!

What neighborhood do you live in? Where else have you lived? I live on the waterfront in Kirkland near Carillon Point. I moved around a lot with my previous job so I have lived in Spokane, Olympia, Gig Harbor, Yakima, Federal Way, Fife, Grand Coulee, and Auburn. Glad I have landed where I am! 

What’s your favorite place in Kirkland? Spill a best-kept neighborhood secret spot (where do the locals go?) Well, It was Hector’s but they just closed after 45 years! Fortunately they are going to reopen in a new location but we have to wait until the end of next summer! 

What do you love most about your home? My view! I have floor to ceiling windows that look out on Lake Washington. I get mesmerized watching the water, boats, Eagles, Blue Herons, and Osprey all day long. 

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