Spiders Creeping Inside? Try These DIYs.

macro photography of black and brown spider on web

Fall is the time our eight-legged friends try to escape the dropping temperatures by moving from our gardens inside our homes. Try these natural DIYs to keep them outside.

Mix up a spray

You’ve got options when it comes to what you can mix and put into a spray bottle to use at your home’s entry points (spray outdoors; oils may stain, even when diluted). Glass bottles are recommended because some essential oils can interact with plastic bottles. If it rains, reapply!

Simply put the ingredients in the bottle, shake to mix, and get spraying.

Half vinegar/half water. Regular vinegar or apple cider vinegar works best.

Peppermint or lavender oil. Try 7 drops in 16 oz. of water. Note that homes with cats should avoid peppermint oil.

Garlic. Try 5 smashed fresh cloves per two cups of water. Thought garlic was just for repelling vampires? Nope!

Use your green thumb

Planting eucalyptus, mint, lavender, or lemon grass near entry points may help deter spiders, who don’t like these strong scents. Bonus: you probably will like the scent!

Seal your doors and windows

Sealing up any cracks and gaps is a smart thing to do in fall anyway with the cooler temperatures rolling in. If you also move things spiders like to live in (such as wood piles and compost) away from doors and windows, you’ll be doing a lot to discourage them from coming inside.

Try these tips to keep your spiders outdoors, where you can think of them as free, live Halloween decorations.

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