Spring tips for your home

yellow and red tulips in front of white wooden framed glass window

Warm breezes and longer days are ahead. You want to enjoy every moment of the nicer weather, but is your home holding you back? Make these small updates to get the most out of your space this spring. 

Wake up from hibernation

Clean those gutters

Leaves, mud and debris have been settling into your gutters all winter. But with April showers pouring down any minute, now is the time to make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear to avoid any flooding or drainage issues. Remove as much as you can by hand, then finish the job with a garden hose, making sure to snake it into downspouts to get every nook and cranny. 

Clean your windows

Stunning sunsets and bright mornings are here. Don’t you want to be able to actually see them? Both the inside and outside of your windows will need a detailed scrubbing before they let in all the available natural light. You can hire a professional service but this article from the home maintenance master, Bob Vila, shows you how to do it yourself safely and without leaving any streaks. 

Repair any roof damage

Overhauling or replacing your entire roof is a big and expensive project. Fortunately, you can keep your roof in better condition longer with regular, less invasive maintenance when the weather clears. Safely, head up to your roof to clear away any sticks or debris. Scrub off any moss or other growth with a bleach solution and replace any missing shingles that might’ve been damaged or lost in a storm. 

Repair your windows and screens

Check to see if any of your screens were bent during the rough winter months. Then inspect your windows. You will likely need to recaulk them if the frame warped at all during the tough winter weather. If you see condensation between window panes, it may be time to replace the window altogether. 

Defend against allergens 

Clean or replace your vents and filters

Your water filter, oven hood and air vent filters should be replaced throughout the year so consider the beginning of a season a good time to check them. Next, clean out your dryer vent and your foundation filters. These are fire hazards and also trap allergens like dust and pollen.

Replace or clean your carpets and rugs

There are plenty of places in your home hiding allergens and your doormats, carpets and rugs are some of the worst culprits. If you can, replace the small ones since cleaning them can leave them moist and vulnerable to mold. Otherwise, make sure to vacuum them or shake them well outside while wearing a mask. Or considering switching to hardwood or vinyl floors completely. We recommend reputable sources like this one from the Mayo Clinic to look for other areas in your home that may need a good sweeping to avoid allergies. 

Groom your pet

Sparky needs a bath and a haircut. Let’s get your pet to the doggy salon to make sure there are no mites or fleas hitching a ride in his fur. 

Enhance your outdoor space

Clean your grill 

It might not be the most glamorous task but when you’re out back grilling steaks or veggies, you’ll thank us for reminding you. If you regularly clean your charcoal or gas grill, you’ll just need to give it a good scrape with a scour pad and make sure there’s no leftover coals in the trap. For dirtier grills, this will require some good gloves to handle hot, soapy water, a scour pad and even degreaser. Put some elbow grease in now for a better cookout later. 

Mulch that garden 

If you do nothing else this season, mulch your garden. A good layer of quality mulch is a gamechanger and a one-stop shop for a high-performing and beautiful garden. Yes, fresh soil and new compost are important, too. But if you’re pressed for time and are on a budget, a fresh layer of mulch will keep your garden safe from weeds and looking fresh all season long. The wonders of mulch seem to be endless!

Weatherproof your outdoor furniture

If you didn’t before the winter, now is the time to give any outdoor furniture the love it needs to stay fresh all year. Wooden furniture will need a fresh coat of sealant but even plastic should get a cleaning and any metal furniture will need to be checked for rust and cleaned off with an anti-corrosive spray. 

Add lighting

Garden lights, security lights and porch lights will likely need fresh bulbs. Add more this spring to encourage neighbors to marvel at your freshened-up yard and spend some time together. 

Refresh your interior

New textiles

From curtains to bedding, it’s time to swap out heavy cloth decor to lighter material. Let more light and air in so you can be comfortable all season. 

Bring the outside in

Wouldn’t those flowers blooming all around you look good on your mantle or in your windowsill? Find potted houseplants to last you all season and blooming flowers for decorative vases to keep your indoor spaces as fresh as the outdoors. 

Tackle your closet

This doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Root out anything you no longer want as you put all the heavy, winter clothes away, then assess what you have leftover. When you pull your sweaters out next fall, your donation pile will be that much smaller. 

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