Starting Your Home Search? 5 Reasons to Not Go It Alone

Buying a home is complicated. Especially when you’ve never been through it before, the homebuying process can seem mysterious and even overwhelming. That’s why we recommend working with an expert from the very beginning of your journey.

In 2018, 91% of homebuyers who ended up working with an agent started by themselves (according to Zillow). We love working with buyers at every stage and we can work very quickly when that’s right for a particular client. However, we find that buyers who start with us from the beginning have a smoother experience and end up feeling more confident in their final decisions.

Getting started with your Client Advisor—our name for your lead Flyhomes agent—can happen six months or even a year before you plan to be ready to buy.

There are 5 main advantages to working with a Client Advisor from day one:

1 – A personal strategy: The path from thinking about buying a home to actually buying one isn’t a straight line, and its shape depends on your specific situation. Your Client Advisor will strategize with you on the steps you’ll take on your way home from the very first one all the way through to your new front door.

2 – Debunking myths: When you start thinking about buying a home, you start getting advice from every direction … not all of it based in the current reality. One common myth is that you need to put 20% down. In reality, 52% of buyers put down less last year. Use an expert to understand the trends of today’s homebuyers and the data behind those trends.

3 – Financial clarity: Speaking of down payments, there’s power in developing a financial plan early in your search. That’s why we recommend getting pre-underwritten, a little-used strategy that gives you a clear picture of your exact budget.  

4 – A human glossary: From “PMI” to “contingencies,” your Client Advisor can teach you what all the real estate lingo means, what you need to pay attention to, and what doesn’t apply to your situation. Once you’re educated on the details, you’ll feel great about your ability to make informed decisions.

5 – Focusing your wishlist: It’s fun to come up with a dream house on paper, but may be harder to actually get everything you want. Your Client Advisor will help you think through what compromises you’re willing to make so you have a laser focus on finding the right home for you.

Knowledge is power. 🙂  Let’s talk!

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