Tips for first-time homebuyers, from someone who just went through it

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Advice from a homebuyer, for homebuyers

Etymology enthusiast/author/TikToker/Twitter user Jess Zafarris asked for advice about house hunting for the first time. One of the homeowners who answered her call is Seattle-based SneakyDingo, who recently worked with a Flyhomes Agent and came away with tons of tips.

Here are some highlights from SneakyDingo’s recommendations of what to pay attention to when you’re looking for a home:

  • Walk score
  • Transit options
  • Storage space
  • Whether you can DIY repairs that are needed. For example I’ve had to rehang every door in the place I’m living in but that’s easy. One of our exterior doors might need replacing and that’s $$$.
  • White deposits anywhere at ground level (water damage possible)
  • Know your needed bedroom size
  • Check water heater replace date
  • If you can get pre-underwritten, that’s a huge win
  • Check roof condition
  • Sewer scope if you can (can be a hot market problem)
  • Understand what the comp houses are in the area
  • Visit different times of day if you can
  • Look at the home after it rains if you can (check for leaks)
  • Ask / check for woodpeckers in the area. I hear that’s expensive.
  • Set aside $ for fixes and factor that in. I set aside enough to get a Model 3. We didn’t need it.
Tweet: "Most of all: good luck. This is a hard time to buy. The place I'm in right now had 36 bids and the one that won was not the highest - it had the best looking offer to clear fast with desirable conditions for the seller."
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