Walking Through the Final Walkthrough: An Easy Checklist

By Flyhomes

You’re about to take possession of your new home. This is a big deal. The days before getting your keys are exciting … and busy! Not only are you prepping to move, you need to make sure your new home is ready for you. We’re here to tell you exactly what that means.

A final walkthrough is literally you walking through the home taking note of its state. Whether you’re buying a fixer upper or new construction built to your exact specifications, it’s your last chance to make sure everything is exactly as it should be before you sign on the dotted line.

The fun part: It’s likely your first time stepping into the home knowing it will be yours. Last time, you were probably still shopping. Now what if turns into reality. It’s all coming together.  

This checklist will get your ducks in a row. (How cute would a row of rubber duckies be in your new bathroom? Maybe?)

What you need

If you’re working with Flyhomes, a member of our field team who does walkthroughs all the time will be there to help. Otherwise, it’s common for your agent to attend and you may want to invite a friend who’s been through the process.

Bring along your final contract, which will include all agreed-upon items, and the inspection report to confirm any agreed-upon repairs.

Also remember:
Your phone or a digital camera, so you can take photos of any problem areas, and a charger.

Measuring tape to take dimensions, so you can be sure your furniture, bits, and pieces will fit … or if you should plan to sell or donate anything that won’t fit before moving day.

– A pad and pen to jot down measurements, notes, questions, or discrepancies you may find. Of course you can also do this on your phone, but the old fashioned way can be quicker for sketching floorplans to show dimensions.

The to-do checklist

Here’s what to do as you go.

Follow up on what’s in your final contract.
1. Confirm that agreed-upon work and repairs have been completed, and that you have receipts and warranties.

2. Make sure that everything the seller agreed to leave (“inclusions” in your contract) is there. These might include appliances, fixtures, or even furniture and artwork. Also make sure nothing’s been left behind that shouldn’t be, like that life-size plastic pink flamingo in the front yard (unless that’s your thing … we support you!).

Visit every room in the home.
1. Flip all light switches, including those for outside entrances.

2. Test all electrical outlets using that handy phone charger.

3. Open windows and make sure they lock. Confirm that there are no broken windowpanes or missing screens.

4. Check all closets to be sure hanging bars, shelves, and drawers are intact.

5. Make sure all appliances are clean, odor free, and in working order.

6. Turn on faucets to make sure water drains properly, and to be sure hot water is flowing.

7. Flush the toilet(s) and check sink and shower fixtures for leaks.

8. Make sure the washer and dryer are functional and the dryer turns off automatically.

9. Look for standing water that would indicate a leak under the washer, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

10. Turn on the heater(s) and, if applicable, central air conditioning.

Tour the exterior of the property.
1. Make sure doors open smoothly, latch, and lock (even though you’ll likely change the locks or have them re-keyed).

2. Press the doorbell, if there is one.

3. Make sure you know the location of the water main and gas main shut-off valves, if applicable.

4. If there were decorative plants on the property when you first saw it, confirm that they haven’t been removed.

5. Check outside faucets and irrigation systems.

Phew. You’ve done it all! The search, the bid, the back-and-forth negotiations, the financing, many nail-biting days and wide-awake nights filled with a mix of excitement and nerves … and now you’ve made sure your new home is as ready for you as you are for it.

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