What I Love About Ballard

By Liz Gallagher, Flyhomes Content

This post is the start of a new series where we’ll explore why people love the neighborhoods where they live. The idea to share what makes our hearts pitter-patter about the places we call home is inspired by the bottom line that buying a home is all about finding a place where you really, really want to spend your days and nights.

To kick off the What I Love About My Neighborhood series, I’m sharing the top 3 things I love about my own ‘hood in Seattle … Ballard!

The sky

Market Street in Ballard

Sometimes the sky in Ballard looks like this. Amazing! One of my favorite bands is The Avett Brothers … they have a new song called Neapolitan Sky that I’m pretty sure is about THIS. I caught this sunset while walking to dinner at a fantastic neighborhood restaurant on my birthday. Just the other morning, the sunrise showed me a pastel purple sky framing the Cascades and punctuated by the nearly full moon. Pretty special. #nofilter

All the places I can walk to

This one’s no surprise to anyone who’s ever been to Ballard, but there are more restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques than you actually even need, and I can walk to all of them. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for three years and haven’t discovered them all! There are 11 craft breweries in a 1-mile radius (and you can get a passport). The Sunday Farmer’s Market is top notch and happens year round. One of my favorite things to do is go to a workout class on Saturday morning, walk home, pick up my dog, and walk him to a coffee shop where I get a mocha and he gets to sniff everything.

Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens beach in Seattle

How lucky am I that I can escape the city (while still being in the city …) and walk my dog in this beautiful place any day I feel like it? Always makes me feel calm, especially on gray days when the clouds are like a blanket, although sunny days at Golden Gardens are pretty awesome, too.

Lhasa Apso at Golden Gardens beach in Seattle
My Lhasa Apso, Dexter, loves Golden Gardens even more than I do!

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