Where’s the best place to buy a home? WalletHub compared 300 cities.

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With many people evaluating whether the city they live in is the one they want to live in now that remote work is more prevalent than ever, it’s worth taking a broad view at the possibilities.

To determine the best real estate markets in the US, WalletHub compared 300 cities across 18 factors including real estate data like median home price appreciation alongside economic indicators like job growth.

Map ranking the top 300 real estate markets in the US

Source: WalletHub

Let’s look closer at a few of the factors WalletHub weighed to get their rankings.

Share of seriously underwater mortgages

Daly City and San Mateo, California, tied for first place among cities with the lowest share of seriously underwater mortgages. Meanwhile, five cities tied for highest share: Baton Rouge, LA; Chico, CA; Peoria, IL; Columbus, GA; and Norfolk, VA. The difference between the lowest and highest share was 21X.

Median days on market

How quickly homes sell is a strong indicator of real estate market health. Virginia Beach, VA came in with the lowest median days on market, while New York, NY and Lincoln, NE tied for the highest. Note that sales strategy can also play a role in this metric; sometimes it pays off to purposely leave a home on the market longer.

Median home price appreciation

Five cities tied for the highest median home price appreciation: Richmond, CA; Oakland, CA; Hialeah, FL; North Las Vegas, NV; and Grand Rapids, MI. Erie, PA, landed with the lowest appreciation.

The complete ranked list, with all factors tallied, is below. To see more high/low categories, the rankings by city size and the full methodology, visit WalletHub.

Top 300 real estate markets, ranked

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