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Our Industry View
When we first got started in real estate, we discovered that the home buying process was inherently broken. Almost every other industry has advanced throughout the last 50 years, yet the home buying process (and cost) has been about the same. What we couldn’t figure out, was why?

Nearly every agent we’ve worked with has agreed that the industry is broken. Countless intelligent and hardworking agents are out there helping clients navigate their purchase, yet the average home buyer thinks that real estate agents are part of the problem. While we can’t change the industry overnight, we can strive toward a new status quo while learning and structuring our team like the most successful brokerages.
A Few of Our Ideas
Taking a Stake
As a trusted advisor, we should be truly invested in our clients. That’s why we put our money on the line to enable our clients’ and sellers’ success.

Level Playing field
We believe that buyers who can afford and are willing to pay the most for a house should be able to and sellers should be able to accept the highest offer without uncertainty risk.

Reducing Costs
From lending to escrow, this process is built with horizontal layers of individuals spending their time acquiring clients. Vertical integration makes home buying more efficient and let’s us all focus on what we love: solving client problems.

Flexible Closing
Real estate transactions are inherently complicated. Sellers should be able to get their money upfront, have flexibility on when to move out, while buyers also have time to secure financing.
Our Team Structure
We’ve designed our team structure after the top brokerage teams. We started with just one agent, and grew through learning and innovation.
Local Advisors
Each of our clients meets in person with a local advisor, who is their single point of contact throughout the home buying process.
Agent Relationships
In competitive markets, negotiating is critical for client success. We’ve built a team that’s focused both on negotiating offers and building agent relationships.
Tour Leads
Touring clients can be logistically difficult. We’ve brought on individuals who excel at showing every detail of a home, so buyers can tour when it’s convenient.
Functional Teams
Dedicated teams for inspections, marketing, booking tours, transaction coordination, pricing analysis, and more are centrally housed at our local headquarters.
So What’s A “Flyhomes Cash Offer”?
Our client writes an offer to buy the home for, say, $700,000, from the seller.
Flyhomes Cash Offer
Our client writes an offer to buy the home for, say, $700,000 from Flyhomes, with a 30-day close. We accept.
Flyhomes writes an offer to buy the home for that same $700,000 from the seller, closing in as few as 2 days.
Key Questions
How can we close so fast?
We prepare everything in advance — including appraisals, inspections, pricing analysis, and more.
What if we lose?
If we “accept” our client’s offer but that offer is not chosen by the seller, our transaction with the client is cancelled and their earnest money is immediately returned.
How can we afford this?
As a business backed by top venture capital firms, we have access to cash that traditional buyers don’t qualify for.
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