5 More DIY Tricks to Prep Your Home for Sale

raised garden bed

By Natalie Wilson, Flyhomes Client Advisor

I recently shared tips to prep your home for sale, starting with some of my simplest ideas. Now, I’m back with five more for when you’re ready to tackle slightly more advanced DIYs. Remember, buyers who tour your home will notice small imperfections that you’re used to overlooking, so spending the time and energy to wow them is worth it! 

Change out light fixtures 

Light fixtures are so often overlooked as we live in our homes, but not for buyers! Your fixtures can easily help bring your home up to current times or keep it anchored in whatever era the light fixtures were last put in. 

Now more than ever, there are cost-effective solutions like great lines from Target made in partnership with interior design celebrities, or the always cost-effective Amazon. 

Check out I Spy DIY’s blog for great links for stylish budget items that Jen Yolo and her husband use to flip homes (and stick around for the inspiring renovations). 

Is color the most offensive part of an old light fixture, but the shape is good? Check out Mandy Gubler at Vintage Revivals for some tutorials on how to makeover your light fixture using nothing but spray paint!

Paint (yes, PAINT) outdated bathroom tile 

Looking to upgrade that builder-grade tile in all your bathrooms, but no room for new tile in the budget? There’s a new craze taking over the DIY world: painting tile! 

From patterns to even just a different color, Instagram is flooded with designs done by owners as a quick update. Do keep in mind curing times, although newer products specifically for tile have been tested by some for several years with little to no damage. 

Educate yourself, as always, and Banyan Bridges, Angela Rose and Making Pretty Spaces (all on Instagram) are great places to start. Make sure to check out the before and afters … the difference is pretty dramatic. 

Add board and batten accents

What’s board and batten? It’s a classic type of wainscotting that you can recreate yourself with some wood, paint, and a decent chunk of time. While it’s perceived as being a custom,  expensive feature to buyers, this DIY is relatively cheap! 

You do need power tools for this DIY, but you can often rent or even borrow from a handy friend. This tutorial shows you how to do it for less than $60! Making Pretty Spaces and Philip or Flop on Instagram both have tutorials showing a step by step process, including handy ways to watch out for wires or pipes. 

This is a really stunning way to make your home feel more expensive, and most DIYers say you can knock it out in a weekend if you focus. 

Trim out your mirrors

Adding trim to a plain mirror is easier than it looks, makes a big impact, and is pretty simple with a trip to Home Depot or Lowes. Get inspired with a tutorial like this one that’s under $10 or this one using crown molding from HGTV

Or, rip out outdated mirrors completely and replace with something stylish. Check out some great circular or framed rectangular mirrors at Target, Homegoods or TJ Maxx. With some luck you can find one for under $100!

Improve curb appeal 

With the popularity of DIY renovation shows, most people know how important curb appeal is to catch a buyer’s attention. The exterior shot is usually the first picture buyers see when perusing listings online and a shabby yard can make it easy to click away before even viewing the exterior. 

With some time and grit, ripping out dead or sickly looking plants will do your listing a world of good, and you can have mulch delivered for a huge savings vs buying in store. 

Need to rework your grass? Sod will usually fare better as long as you can maintain watering it, while seeds are way more cost effective but can come up patchier.

Like the perennial look or want a small garden? This style is usually chosen for the backyard, but it really depends on your neighborhood. If you decide to go for it, building raised beds is a very cost-effective way to get it done. Philip from Philip or Flop has an excellent tutorial. Just make sure you place the beds in a way that makes sense with the rest of your yard. 

Can’t figure out a style? Check out your neighbors’ yards and stick with a similar look as a rule of thumb. Just don’t sink too much money on a lush garden or expensive plants and expect to see huge returns. While a beautiful yard may pull at a buyer’s heart-strings and help them pull the trigger, it usually doesn’t add a dollar amount in perceived value. Neat and manicured with fresh mulch is always a solid approach. 

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