Meet Flyhomie Chase!

Chase at Gasworks Park

What do you do at Flyhomes? Tricky question! The title is Business Development, which means anything offline/event marketing. Everything from teaching homebuying educational classes, to lunch & learns, to sponsored events like trade shows, happy hours, trivia nights, to Flyhomes-hosted client parties.

What did you do before joining Flyhomes? I was a commercial real estate agent in Louisiana, I worked on tenant rep deals for office and retail, as well as sales of industrial and NNN-leased retail properties.

What’s something unexpected that you’ve learned on the job? How much people love showing off fancy socks!

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Chase also loves showing off fancy socks -he’s the official Flyhomes sock model!

What’s your #1 tip for homebuyers? I have so many. The most important is when you buy a home, make sure you love the neighborhood. You’re going to be spending most of your time there and an important part of homeownership is being a part of the community. Don’t just buy in a neighborhood because it’s more affordable. Be in the neighborhood you want to establish yourself with.

How do you like to spend time when you’re not working? It’s ironic that I’m the events guy because that’s what I do outside of work too! You can catch me at about 60-80 concerts a year, many festivals and local events. If none of those, trying new restaurants, bars, and karaoke with my friends.

What’s something about you that surprises people? I was on my high school bowling team, and competed in the USBC Youth Pro tournament. If you’re a prospective client reading this, let’s take the conversation to the lanes!

Pets, plants, or both? What makes you happy at home? I love animals, but prefer being able to go on vacation! I have 2 aloe plants, a palm tree, and a Japanese money tree in my studio apartment.

What neighborhood do you live in? Where else have you lived? I live in Pioneer Square, right next to CenturyLink Field (check out my article). It’s the first place I moved to in Seattle.

What’s your favorite place in Seattle? Spill a best-kept neighborhood secret spot (where do the locals go?) One favorite is a dive bar in Ballard called Waterwheel Lounge. I love doing karaoke, and this dive bar has some of the best. Intimate environment, friendly crowd, and decently-priced drinks. The other favorite is Orient Express in SoDo … it’s a disco club, in a chinese restaurant, in a train car!

What do you love most about your home? Outdoor space is vital. I love being able to barbecue on the rooftop and host parties, with a view of downtown and The Sound. If I were to buy a house, a backyard is #1 on the must-haves list!

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