We’re listening. We’re acting. We will do more.

By Tushar Garg, Flyhomes CEO and Co-Founder, and Ryan Dibble, Flyhomes COO

Here at Flyhomes, we’ve taken time to gather internally and have initial conversations about how we can work together and take meaningful steps to support the Black community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other groups facing injustice in the United States.

We will not be silent. 

We spent the early part of this week connecting with our colleagues and communities to have personal conversations about how we could make an impact as an organization during this time. 

We also listened to the requests of Black leaders and the voices of people of color to do more than just stand in solidarity. Today, we come to our communities with meaningful steps and actions that we commit to take to work towards broader social justice. 

Starting this week, Flyhomes will:

  • Match employee donations to organizations that are working to end police brutality, fight discrimination, and share the stories of marginalized voices
  • Give our employees an additional paid day off this month to use to heal or help in their community

Our work doesn’t stop there. 

Real estate is a unique industry with a well-documented history of inequality, and we believe this gives us a unique and important opportunity to make a larger impact. 

We’re having conversations and opening up places for our employees to share ideas about how we can work to impact: 

  • Legislative policies to reduce discrimination in real estate 
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Financial literacy and homeownership education
  • Community involvement and support to those working locally

We don’t have answers yet on what our course of action will be. We want success to be measured by results, not just by effort, and we are starting the work. 

We hear you. We see you. We will do more.