What I Love About Pioneer Square

By Chase Cangelosi, Flyhomes Business Development Lead

Being in my early 20s and new to Seattle, it was difficult to distinguish what area to live in. So I started my search in a half-mile radius of the Flyhomes office, which is so conveniently by Pike Place. After browsing a few different buildings, the things that drew me into mine were the proximity to downtown and Chinatown-International District, enough access to public transportation that I could sell my car, and the view from the rooftop. That’s how I ended up in Pioneer Square, though I call it “P2”.

The view from my rooftop

Yes, that’s real. I watch all the Seahawks and Sounders games, walk to the Mariners games, and even get to hear the concerts from CenturyLink Field!

Occidental Park

This is an awesome place to come get your ping pong or bocce game on! While’re talking about historical parks, have you ever noticed the purple tiled skylights in Pioneer Square? After taking the Underground Tour, you’ll never walk on those again!

Speaking of best places to walk: I am a foodie and there are several awesome restaurants to go to in Pioneer Square. My best suggestions are Tat’s Deli, Salumi, happy hour at Girin, and breakfast at Planet Java Diner.


There’s also plenty of nightlife in the area. Check out the cozy Underground (of Merchant’s Cafe on Yesler), enjoy live music at The J&M Cafe or Central Saloon, have a drink on the observation deck of the Smith Tower, or shoot pool at Temple Billiards … While you’re at the Temple, check out my favorite bar in Seattle just underneath it, The Pharmacy!

After wrapping up your night out in the square, don’t forget to grab a Seattle Dog (in front of Mediterranean Mix on 1st Ave) from the man who claims to have invented them!

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