Where will you put the TV?

black flat screen tv on brown wooden tv rack

Here’s one homeowner regret you can avoid: I didn’t think about where to put the TV.

Imagine moving into a home you love only to unpack and realize … all the windows you’re excited about cancel out wall space for a TV or create an annoying glare. Or the area you wanted to use is too small. Or there’s no outlet on the perfect wall.

When most of us tour homes, we daydream about how our lives will be there. It’s easy to forget that a large-scale place to watch Netflix or the big game matters to you when you’re busy mentally planning for more aspirational activities.

Whether TV-placement regret has happened to you and you need a solution, or you’re looking ahead to avoid the phenomenon, let’s explore some options.

Problem: Your open floor plan doesn’t have an obvious TV spot.

Solution: The clear sight lines in an open floor plan give you options. Do you want to be able to watch the news while you cook dinner? Are you trying to define a chill zone? Think about that and pick the spot that makes sense for you, being sure to avoid high-traffic areas. If flexibility is what you’re after, look for a mount that allows you to angle the TV to either side.

Problem: Your TV room has no wall space big enough for a TV.

Solution: This is an issue in many older homes that have smaller living rooms with beautiful built-ins or walls of windows. Check the corners. Chances are, you can mount a TV in one of them, or place a piece of furniture made for a corner there. Remember, you’ll want to set up your sofa accordingly. Setting up a room on the diagonal can actually be a good use of space that makes a room seem bigger.

Problem: TVs just don’t fit your aesthetic.

Solution: The Frame by Samsung. Their tagline says it all: “TV when it’s on, art when it’s off.” Choose from 1,200 works of art (with a small subscription fee; you can also choose from fewer options for free) to display when you’re not watching TV. Different options for frames make the TV actually look like art, not just like a TV with a screensaver. And the art is gorgeous, featuring modern and centuries-old pieces from collections around the world. The TV comes in sizes from 32” to 75”.

Bonus tip: Most people hang TVs too high. They should be at eye level when you’re seated, about 42” from the center of the TV to the floor.

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