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Flyhomes is your real estate agent with superpowers
Cash Offers
Make cash offers, using our cash, to get the lowest price on your dream home.
Trade Up
We guarantee your home will sell for a minimum price so you can buy your new home right away.
Less Risk
Our partner companies can underwrite you, order appraisals, and inspect properties on our behalf.
On-Demand Tours
Our tour agents will meet you anytime. Bonus: Many are home inspectors, so they know what to look for.
Personal Advisor
Your personal advisor on our team will help you throughout the entire process.
Your advisor is supported by specialists that are experts at their craft. And they’re all on salary (not commission).
How It Works
Flyhomes Cash Offer
Getting A Mortgage
Meet your advisor
Take an hour to talk about your dream home and how we’ll help you get it.
Get underwritten
Shop with confidence after finding out exactly what you can afford.
Tour houses anytime
Request a tour from any listing, and we’ll meet you there on-demand.
Make a cash offer
We’ll turn your offer into a cash offer to help you save thousands.
Close with our cash
We’ll close on your home using our funds. Later, you’ll buy it directly from us.
Shop for your loan
Compare rates and terms to get the best financing for your specific situation.
Buy house from us
Congrats! It’s time to make the final transaction to transfer ownership to you.
Offer accepted within 2 weeks of first meeting
The Flyhomes team is able move super fast. We met our Client Advisor, got our financing in order, and had a home in less than a few weeks. Their team made us feel like we were their top priority, and the process was smooth and easy. We can't recommend them highly enough!
— Rai & Sougata
Finding a fixer-upper’s right price
Flyhomes suggested on several occasions that we not bid higher due to the risks, and we really felt like they were looking out for our best interests. We finally won a great fixer upper in Wallingford with a guaranteed offer. We couldn't be happier with the experience, and we have a great home to grow into!
— Ruji & Simeon
The power of a fresh approach
We made a lot of offers on homes and just kept losing. Our Flyhomes Client Advisor recommended a different strategy and we made an offer at list price that we negotiated and won.
— Kevin & Erin
Getting a dream home with only 5% down
We had been looking for a home for 18 months before we found Flyhomes. The Flyhomes team moved incredibly fast and we won … with only 5% down. I mean, how does that happen? I'm still pinching myself that we actually own a home.
— Alexis
Stronger Together
Client Advisor
Hi, I’m Wendy! I’m a Flyhomes Advisor - basically your real estate agent. I’ve helped 200 clients in the past two years buy homes. I’m supported by a team of experts.
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Bay Area

  • $2,000,000
  • $300,000
Cash Offer Costs:
Net Rebate:
Negotiating Power:
Flyhomes Cash Offer
Flyhomes Traditional Offer
Discount Brokerage
not offered
Traditional Brokerage
not offered

Legal Disclaimer: The Savings Calculator is intended for planning and educational purposes only, and should not be solely relied upon in your decision to participate in Flyhomes’ Cash Offer or other programs.Read more
Common Questions
Can I use my real estate agent if I want to make a Flyhomes Cash Offer?
When you work with Flyhomes, we’re your agent. We’re an integrated real estate company with a startup mindset.
What’s a Flyhomes Cash Offer?
Put simply: we use our cash to buy the home, then sell it back to you for the same price. This helps your offer stand out and can save you thousands.
What homes can I buy with Flyhomes?
Similar to many of the top websites you’re used to, we can help you buy every listed home in the MLS in the markets where we operate.
Is Flyhomes a mortgage company?
No, but Flyhomes Mortgage is a separate company owned by Flyhomes. Our real estate brokerage clients can choose to also work with Flyhomes Mortgage.
How does Flyhomes make money?
Flyhomes makes money through the commission paid by the home’s seller. We give you back a portion as a cash rebate to be apply toward closing costs (exception being where not permitted by law, such as Oregon).
How do I get started?
The best way to get started is by creating an account on Once you’ve signed up, a member of our team will reach out to you!
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