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Where does Flyhomes operate?
We operate in the Greater Seattle Area, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and Boston areas.
Is Flyhomes a real estate brokerage?
We are a full service real estate brokerage with a startup mindset. We started in 2015 with just one real estate agent, and since then have grown to a brokerage team of more than 150 people. Our core focus is to continuously improve the home buying experience and help buyers win in sellers’ markets.
How much does it cost to make a Flyhomes Cash Offer?
Washington - The State of Washington requires that clients pay the full cost of the cash program. However, all FlyHomes clients get up to .75% of cash rewards to apply towards closing costs and per diem assessments. This .75% is typically more than the cost of the program, often resulting in no additional costs to you for using the cash program.

California - The only cost clients pay for using the cash program is the “per diem” for each day between the date Flyhomes buys the home from the original seller and the date you buy the home from Flyhomes. Restrictions apply.
What is Flyhomes?
We’re an end-to-end real estate brokerage and technology company that empowers home buyers, sellers, and agents to win. Flyhomes is transforming the home buying experience through comprehensive consumer education, segmented expertise, financial innovation, and on-demand technology.
How is Flyhomes different from real estate agents?
Cash Offers: With a Flyhomes Cash Offer, everyday home buyers are able to make an all-cash offer and close in as few as 8 days — providing better terms for the seller and their agent. Our goal is to help buyers save thousands and win their dream home by having the best possible terms at the negotiations table. You can read more about how our Cash Offers work here.

Segmented Expertise: We started Flyhomes because we believe that today’s generation of home buyers deserve a higher quality of service than what is known in the industry as “full-service.” We’ve broken down the entire buying process into individual steps, and have full teams focusing on improving each part of the process instead of a “generalist” agent model.
What services does Flyhomes provide?
Client Advisor: Our local advisors will meet you virtually, or on a phone call to understand your individual priorities and to help coach you through the entire home buying process. Your advisor will be your main point of contact throughout the entire experience.

Tours: Home tours offered daily, 7 days a week - virtually or in person! You can also request Lyft ride credit to get to you there (and back).

Research: Our dedicated pricing and research team will provide you insights for best approaching a competitive home, with market trend analyses, and neighborhood reviews.

And much more!
Can I sell my home with Flyhomes?
Yes. We offer several programs for homeowners who are looking to sell or move to a new home. Check out our Sell and Trade Up pages above.
I’m an agent. How can I work with Flyhomes?
Any agents interested in working with us are encouraged to visit our agents page to learn more about our process and partnership opportunities. If you’re a listing agent, we’d love to work together with you on a transaction. If you’re interested in potential new opportunities, then definitely reach out. We’re always looking for great talent to join our team.
Does Flyhomes help with relocations?
Yes. We’ve helped many clients to actually purchase homes remotely in preparation for relocation. We have experience doing virtual tours, organizing home inspections, and connecting buyers with service providers to make sure their home is ready for move-in upon the time of arrival. If you’re visiting the market for only a weekend, please let your local advisor know as we have a program specifically designed for clients looking to purchase a home in a limited time window.
How long does it take to buy a home?
In short, it depends on you. We’ve helped clients purchase a home in a few hours and close in as few as 8 days. Generally speaking, we can help you get a home in about 3 days at the earliest — though some people have taken well over a year to find the perfect home. On average, most clients spend between a few weeks or 1-2 months looking for homes, and the 20 to 30 days with the closing process.
How do I use Flyhomes?
The best way to get started is by creating an account on Once you’ve signed up, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss the home buying process and create a personalized action plan so we can put you in the best possible position.
What homes can I buy using Flyhomes?
Similar to many of the top websites you’re used to, we have every listed home in the MLS that we operate in and we can help clients buy any listed home. In addition, in several markets, we have access to off-market inventory opportunities and in markets where there is limited inventory, we’ve gone door to door to help our clients find a home they can purchase.
Do I have to use Flyhomes’ recommended lenders?
Absolutely not. We’ve had many clients who have worked with our recommended lenders that loved them, but we would never require a client to use a recommended lender. We’ve actually setup the Flyhomes Cash Offer program specifically to give home buyers the time they need to shop around and find the best lender for them.
Does Flyhomes provide home inspections?
We have a network of third-party certified inspectors that we can recommend to clients. In addition, for every Flyhomes Cash Offer, we send our own licensed home inspector to complete a home evaluation to help us evaluate the home (since we’ll be buying the home!). Clients are welcome to attend and ask questions at the home evaluation, and we will make the report available upon request. That said, we recommend buyers to conduct independent inspections on any property they are looking at purchasing.
How do I tour homes with Flyhomes?
Search for homes, find a home you like, and just click ‘request tour’ on the Flyhomes website or mobile app. Our team will coordinate with our tour leaders and the sellers to get you into the house. It’s that easy!
Do I have to sign anything to start working with Flyhomes?
Absolutely not. Although we ask you to agree to our website terms and privacy policy, we will never make buyers sign exclusive agency agreements. We’re committed to helping you as much as we can, and if you decide you don’t like our service we’ll be the first to recommend other agents that you might prefer to work with.
Can I choose the Flyhomes team member I work with?
When you first sign up, we’ll assign a team member that has expertise in the types of homes you’re looking for. If you’ve got a specific person on our team you’d love to work with, just let us know and we’ll try to make that happen!
What happens if multiple Flyhomes’ clients make an offer on the same house?
We treat every client fairly and equally. We believe transparency is what buyers truly value in the home buying process. To us, that means we will not have two agents send clients two separate sets of numbers in terms of the home price that we think a house will sell for. If you and another client want to buy the same house, your local adviser will receive the same pricing analysis from the pricing team and will share that information with you. You will always have an independent adviser and negotiator that will work with you that owe you a duty of confidentiality.
What is a Flyhomes Cash Offer?
Flyhomes Cash Offer is a cash offer! We make cash offers as an ‘agent’ for our client, so that sellers get certainty of closing and so that our clients can have the time they need to get a great interest rate.
Can I make a Cash Offer if I’m getting a mortgage?
Absolutely! We built this program for you. We want to turn every buyer that can afford a house into cash buyers. We believe this will level the playing field and increase certainty in the real estate process long-term for buyers, sellers, and listing agents.
What is the difference between a Cash Offer and a Guaranteed Offer?
Cash Offers are true cash offers. Flyhomes purchases a home outright from the seller on a buyer’s behalf in as few as 8 days, and sells it back at the same price to the buyer on an agreed upon closing date.

When a Flyhomes Cash Offer is not available and/or when the program does not make sense, Flyhomes’ Guaranteed Offer program helps clients put their best foot forward. For the Guaranteed Offer program, Flyhomes guarantees the seller that the home will close, and if it doesn’t, Flyhomes will then buy the home for the same terms.
How do I qualify to make a Cash Offer?
There are four requirements of participating in the Cash Offer program: attending an onboarding session, getting pre-underwritten by a lender, acknowledging you understand the details of our Cash Offer program, and a 5% earnest money deposit.
What properties qualify for a Cash Offer?
Generally, single family homes, townhomes, and condos that are in an appraisable condition. Flyhomes inspects, reviews title, and condo financials for any property that we will make a cash offer program and reserves the right to exclude any property at our sole discretion.
Where are Cash Offers currently available?
Flyhomes Cash Offers are available for clients in the Greater Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and Boston areas. Chat with a Flyhomes Client Advisor for more details and to determine eligibility.
Who determines the offer amount for a Cash Offer?
Our clients decide the offer amount for any offer they make with Flyhomes, there is no difference if it is a Flyhomes Cash Offer, Guaranteed Offer, or traditional offer. In the case of a cash offer, we are buying the house on your behalf, and sell it right back to you at the same price that you asked for us to offer for you.
Are earnest money deposits required for a Cash Offer?
Yes, we require a 5% earnest money deposit be made in advance on every Cash Offer and Guaranteed Offer before we will submit offers to buy the home on your behalf.
I’m working with another agent, can I make a Cash Offer?
The Flyhomes Cash Offer program is only available to Flyhomes clients. We are working actively to determine how to make this program more broadly available to home buyers in the markets we operate in.
I’m a seller and received a Cash Offer from Flyhomes. What does this mean?
That you should choose our offer! We are prepared to close in just a few days and want to provide you the most certain and clean closing possible.
I’m a listing agent and received a Cash Offer. What does this mean?
Your sellers will be excited because your work resulted in them receiving at least one cash offer and if they choose our offer, you’ll receive your commission in just a few days.
How much does Trade Up cost?
When selling, you pay a commission (3% in Seattle, 2.5% in the Bay Area) to Flyhomes and to the buyer’s broker. When buying, we earn a commission from the seller. In Seattle, we give you a rebate. In the Bay Area, where commission is lower, we use a portion to pay for this program. In addition you’ll be responsible for any costs associated with making a Flyhomes Cash Offer on your next home.
How does Flyhomes come up with the guaranteed price?
We have pricing experts and data scientists who evaluate your home’s details and determine a value. After you agree to the guaranteed price, we do an in-person inspection to check for surprises before we make it official.
How do I know the Flyhomes guaranteed price is fair?
Our guaranteed price is the minimum your home will sell for. It’s intended to give you the peace of mind that you can count on at least that price. We’ll list on the market for 90 days, giving traditional buyers the chance to bid higher.
Where is Trade Up available?
We offer the Trade Up program in the Greater Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay, Southern California, and Boston areas.
Are there additional costs?
Depending on the number of days between Flyhomes closing on your home and your financing being finalized, you may owe rent while we own the home. The amount is based, in part, on the price of the home. We’ll help you strategize the most cost-effective plan!
Why don’t other real estate companies offer something like this?
As a company, we raised funds to enable us to offer programs like this. We represent our clients as a team of salaried real estate agents rather than as individuals who rely on commission. That structure allows us to innovate on behalf of our clients.
Why did we create Trade Up?
We know that making contingent offers in a competitive market doesn’t work. We also know that selling a home you are living in is stressful and inconvenient. We created trade up to solve those pain points and empower our clients to be able to buy before you sell.
What if Flyhomes buys your home and then sells it for more?
Our intent is to help you sell your home for the most money possible on the open market. If we end up buying your home for the guaranteed minimum price and later end up selling it for more we will give you the difference, less any costs that we incur.
How are you going to get me the best value?
When you’re buying, we make cash offers on your behalf and use local negotiation specialists on our team to help you buy for the best price. When you’re selling, we prep your home so it looks amazing and make sure it has enough time on the market to get the highest possible offer.
What is the listing timeline?
Our goal is to have your home listed on market within 14 days of you moving into your new home.
What do I need to do to qualify for the program and how long does it take?
After you submit the form on our Trade Up page, we’ll schedule an onsite walkthrough of your home. Your Trade Up advisor will determine your home’s eligibility after that visit (in about 2 business days). You’ll also need to be fully underwritten and meet our Cash Offer earnest money requirements.
Do I pay both sides of commission if Flyhomes ends up purchasing my home at the guaranteed price?
Yes. In that situation, you’d pay us commission as both the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent.
How much does it cost to buy a home with Flyhomes?
Buying a home with Flyhomes is completely free. In most markets, sellers agree to pay 2% to 3% of a home’s sale price to the buyer’s agent as commission for finding a buyer for their home. Since we’re the buyer’s agent, we take that commission to keep our service running — and actually give up to .75% back to you as rewards.
This seems too good to be true, what’s the catch?
Everybody asks us this! There really isn’t a catch at all. We believe the home buying process should be much more fair and we are using the firm’s credit to level the playing field for home buyers, and the cost of doing this - is often less than our traditional rebate, meaning it’s effectively free for you.
What’s the commission rate for listing with Flyhomes?
Flyhomes charges up to 3% to list a home. While we started Flyhomes to transform the home buying experience, we’re learning that many people value our expertise and have been interested in listing with us. If you’re interested in listing your home with us, please email [email protected]
Does Flyhomes offer cash back?
Flyhomes offers up to .75% cash back or an equivalent reward (rewards are subject to lender approval and vary based on market and the specific house you are choosing).
Do Flyhomes’ rewards change my loan rate?
Flyhomes’ rewards should not affect the rate you’re about to obtain from a lender. That said, lenders set the rules for how they handle credits from other related parties in a real estate transaction, including your real estate agent.
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